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8 weeks live and life-altering course in Sex Magick


Live group teaching by Bianca Marzouk

The Eros of Manifestation is a transformative 8-week group journey using our powerful orgasmic energy to manifest the life that we desire.
The next group will begin on March 10, 2024! 

In this group journey we will cover

Do you ever

- desire more love, abundance and prosperity?
- feel like there is whole universe of potential living inside of you but you don't know how to tap into it?
- experience a deep desire to reclaim your wild free forbidden feminine power?
- have this unexplainable knowing that there are worlds of pleasure available to you beyond your current lived experience?
- get tired of hustling and crave to attract your desires with ease?
- see other people magnetise partners, money, opportunities and other blessings of life and desire some of that magic for yourself?

The Eros of Manifesting is a unique space for women who want more from life

Utilizing breath, somatics, shadow integration, tantric secrets, and sex magic to manifest the life of your dreams and reach new heights of pleasure. 


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