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somatic love and intimacy coaching



Tantric Breath Practice


In the *Tantric Breath*  practice, you will learn practices to:

      Increase sexual energy in your body

      Intensify your sexual experience &

      Infuse your life with deliciousness!


Hey there!

I'm Bianca. It’s such a pleasure to welcome you here and support you on the most profound journey we can embark on: the journey within. 

Drawing upon ancient practice and modern wisdom and trained in holistic sex, love and relationships, tantra, and somatics, with a fascination for all things mystical, I am here to help illuminate your path back to an authentic expression of love and sexuality. 

Deeply devoted to being in service and being a positive force on this planet, this work has been a portal into life that truly feels like who I am at my core.
I am looking forward to creating magic together!




Manifest the life of your dreams through accessing new heights of pleasure!

Sex Magic is a powerful practice where sexual energy is used to support one’s manifestation.

Practicing with our breath, this workshop covers everything you need to know to create your own Sex Magic Ritual at home.

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8 week live and life-altering course in Sex

Magick, Shadow Work and Tantric Secrets!


Utilizing breath, somatics, shadow integration, tantric secrets, and sex magic to manifest the life of your dreams and reach new heights of pleasure while you're at it



Experience the powerful alchemy of somatics, breath, tantric secrets and shadow work to create a life that you are madly in love with

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Sacred Sexuality Talk

Tantric Breathwork

Sex Magic Workshop


Bianca has not only helped me to cure a lifelong effect of traumatic experiences which successfully prevented me from achieving an orgasm but also showed me techniques to embrace my feminine and sexual energies which resulted in very powerful healing. I was finally able to reach the orgasmic highs I have not achieved before due to blockages in my mind and body. Bianca held such a safe, inspiring, and emphatic space for me. I feel like I am now the best version of myself up to date both spiritually and sexually. Finally, at peace with my body, I am loving myself like never before and I will be forever grateful for it. 

Hannah, Designer

Working with Bianca has provided me a pathway to connection with self and others unlike anything I have ever experienced before. She has awakened suppressed emotions, thus ridding me of physical numbness and chronic pain. Working with her has enabled me to tap into both my divine feminine and masculine, get in touch with my body and step into my power. Bianca's approach to sexual enlightenment and personal mastery is an aggregate of practices across multiple spiritual verticals and cultures. She heals from the heart.

Julie, Founder

I came to Bianca very synchronistically. I have a very satisfying sex life but I wanted to experience vaginal orgasm. After only one single session with Bianca, I experienced vaginal orgasm with my partner (the very next day!). This is something that I didn't think would ever be possible. I highly recommend Bianca and I stand behind her work. She is an incredible human being and an expert in this field. I am still amazed by the deep transformation she catalyzed within me. 

Spiritual Teacher,

I had the great fortune of meeting Bianca at a critical time in my life. I had recently experienced sexual trauma, and I needed to be unburdened from the psychological “imprint” that was holding me back spiritually. Bianca and I had several powerful healing sessions, and through them, I was not only unburdened from the recent trauma, but also set free from other traumas from the past. I am 40 years old and enjoying the healthiest, most satisfying sexual experiences of my life by using the tools and skills provided by these transformative practices. Bianca opens doors you didn’t even know were within you. It is a truly blessed journey.

Jessica, Writer

To meet someone who can help guide me towards my cervix – to release the trauma from that area, and help me cultivate my own cervical orgasm and therefore deepen my cosmic divinity – this is unprecedented and unheard of. I have never met or known anyone to do this kind of work. It is highly specialized and important. Healing our collective sexual trauma will help heal the planet – helping women become fully sexually realized and helping men know how to actually handle the Yoni is gonna change the goddamn world!

Arabella Thaïs, Writer

My Tantric Coaching with Bian has been absolutely transformational. I am 45 and started to worry about my libido and masculine energy and abilities and it has been something that has been affecting me for about 7 years. Bian has such incredible depth of insights and information about Tantra, the body, energy and spirit, and helped me to reconnect with my masculine in absolutely wonderful ways. Bian is a masterful coach and tantric practitioner, and I appreciate and value her coaching tremendously.

Darren Wendroff,
Integration Coach



Thanks For Reaching Out.

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