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through pleasure

A Free Webinar on Orgasmic Manifestation

Coming Soon!

Manifest the life of your dreams through accessing new heights of pleasure!

Sex Magic is a powerful practice where sexual energy is used to support one’s manifestation.


It’s a combination of Breathwork, Meditation, Tantra, and Manifestation, to create a life that deeply moves you.


It works with gathering your kundalini energy, moving it through your chakras, and then focusing it on whatever you desire to manifest.


Practicing with our breath, this workshop covers everything you need to know to create your own Sex Magic Ritual at home.


We will use somatic tools, shadow integration, breath, and ancient Tantric secrets to enhance your creative power with sexual energy. 


You will discover that pleasure is not only your birthright!!!!


...but a pathway to an abundance of love, joy, success, and wealth.

Very welcome side effects might be:

  • An increase in sexual radiance

  • Orgasmic Expansion

  • A deeper connection to Self

  • Profound shifts in consciousness 

  • Stronger Magnetism


Presented by Bianca Marzouk, Somatic Tantra, founder of The Eros of Manifestation

Bianca is a renowned guide, healer, and teacher, focusing on sexuality and spirituality. Trained in holistic sex, love, & relationships, somatics, tantra, and breathwork, Bianca holds a safe, sacred, and compassionate space for her clients, assisting their sexual awakening and personal transformation

In this webinar, you will learn to


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