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SENSORIA is not just a coaching process- it's a portal into a life that you are madly in love with


A reminder that you, my love, are the sanctuary. Alchemizing ancient wisdom and modern practice to reconnect you to eros and the infinite potentiality within. Seducing you into your own depths, this transcendent journey incorporates somatics, shadow work, tantric ritual, sexual alchemy, and breath to illuminate your path back to your authentic sexual expression.

This is for you if you:


  • Have this innate knowing that there is is more for you in life:
    more pleasure, more love, more intimacy, more freedom, more bliss, more depth

  • Want to tap into the vast power that is your sexual energy

  • Desire to manifest more efficiently and with more ease

  • Are desiring to gain more agency over patterns that seem out of your control

  • Are seeking liberation from deep seated blocks and limiting beliefs around love & intimacy

  • Want to improve your ability to make choices that are in alignment with goals

  • Are dealing with Self Sabotage in the areas of Love, Sex and Relationships

  • Feel curious about Sexual Alchemy and Tantra


We can live an entire lifetime not merely touching our potential for love, pleasure, fulfillment, magnetism, and abundance. 

Cultural and Social Conditioning, Trauma, and a lack of guidance cause us to function against our nature and ignore, suppress, and even fear our greatest source of power: Our sexual energy. 


Tapping into this force does not only enrich every moment with more meaning, but it also is a means to deeper intimacy & connection, personal empowerment, and vitality. This work is designed to bring you back to who you are, in your essence: a blissful, fully expressed, sexually liberated, and whole human being.



Leaving you experiencing:


  • A life filled with Eros

  • Expanded capacity to hold pleasure

  • Oozing with sexual radiance and vitality

  • More satisfaction in the bedroom

  • Boost Manifestation power

  • More sexual vibrancy and magnetism

  • Deeper and better orgasms for you/ your partner

  • More confidence & deeper connection to Self

  • Greater alignment with what you desire

  • Dissolving of deeply engrained patterns

  • Ease in creating true intimacy with the people you love

  • Deeper presence

  • Boost Libido

  • Sexual satisfaction

  • Falling deeply in love with your body as it is while building
    habits that will be a base of your best self

  • A healthy relationship to emotions

  • More joy, bliss, and feel-good hormones

  • Embodied Self Love

  • connection to your erotic pulse

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